Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday 6.1.11

I can't believe it's June already!
My biggest WIP right now is my garden!
I need to finish up gifts for the girls' teachers!
Here is a start on one project . . . I'll show more when it's done.
I'm trying to copy one of my favorite art projects their teacher did with them this year.

I finished a couple of projects this week.
I'll do a separate post on my Bottled Rainbows quilt in a few days --
today I delivered it to my college for the alumni art fair.
Hopefully this weekend I'll have a chance to take pictures
of it in the college's art museum!

The second finish of the week was this cathedral windows pillow:
More about this pillow here.
This is the only other WIP that I made progress on this week,
a charm square with 1 inch borders quilt, idea copied from Poppyprint:

My little artists helped me hold this little quilt in the wind for photos.
I think it needs a border of Kona coal or light gray to complete it.
After these 2 projects, I'm ready to be done with Sherbet Pips for awhile!
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  1. Hey, Michelle - I just love that Sherbet Pips pillow so much - would it bother you if I made one for myself in the Pips with the gray?

  2. Oh your Pips quilt is great! I think a coal border is just the right finish for this to be fabulous. Still drooling over that amazing pillow! haha. As always, great projects!!

  3. LOVE the pillow and the Charm quilt! What a fun idea!!

    Congrats on a beautiful garden!

    Can't wait to see the Bottled Rainbow!

  4. Okay, that pillow is the first time I've actually really liked Pips. NICELY done!!

  5. love the cathedral windows. They look amazing.

  6. Wow, you've been busy! I love your cathedral windows, and your Pips quilt top is looking lovely as well :) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  7. Love the pillow and the quilt! And I love quilts "with feet"! haha! I did the same thing to myself with Central Park - used it and used it and now I'm sick of it and still have 2 charm packs. whoops.

  8. I love your sherbet pips pillow! What a great use of this lovely fabrics! And the quilt looks great as well, can't wait to see it ready

  9. Your little helpers did a good job holding the quilt up. Nice quilt. I love love love your cathedral window pillow. Awesome!

  10. I planned to make 2 sherbet pips quilts also, but after doing 1, I'm burnt out too! Everything looks beautiful!

  11. I've resisted the sherbet pips craze because it is just a little too cute for me, but that pillow is absolutely fantastic. Well done.

  12. I love your pips projects! They showcase the fabrics perfectly!

  13. oh, i forgot that my biggest WIP is putting new sod in the backyard! :)
    i love those cathedral windows!

  14. I'm with you...biggest WIP is my garden also! Your Pips quilt is so cute and that pillow is beautiful!

  15. Your pips pillow is gorgeous michelle!! And the pips quilt looks great too :) I love the pips + grey combo!

  16. Your pips pillow is absolutely beautiful! Very nice job on that!! I really like your pips quilt too. I've got one pips top done & hoping to make another too - fun little fabrics!

  17. I'm loving the blue striped quilt. It reminds menof waves.

    The pips quilt is lovely! I've been thinking about doing that style with the varying shades for the sashing but I wasn't sure I would like it. You just saved me some time and cutting.

  18. I can't believe it's June already either! I love, love, love your sherbert pips pillow and quilt! I have a jelly roll of pips that I'm pondering on using soon.... :-)

  19. I love the colours you've chosen for the charm quilt. Beautiful!