Sunday, May 6, 2012

NYB Mini Quilt

My NYB Mini quilt is finished!
My friend has a beautiful farm for photos --
and she didn't think it was too strange
 that I got out my camera
 and asked for tape right after we arrived
-- she's a quilter, too!
So while the kids fed her chickens,
we took quilt photos!
This mini quilt uses the NYB block 4 template.
I used some of my precious scraps
of Katie Jump Rope fabric
 to make it bright and sunny!
I absolutely love the KJR yellows!

(quilt back)

And here is where this quilt now lives,
in our back entryway,
a sunny burst of color welcoming us home.
I love it!

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  1. SO darling! I just love your little quilt!!

  2. I love and the colors are beautiful

  3. Michelle, it's so wonderful and cheery. Had you done curves before or was this a first?

  4. Love it, so bright and cheery, and the perfect place for it to hang :o)

  5. This is so beautiful! It really is like a burst of sunshine. I love that your friend has a perfect barn for picture taking. :)

  6. Cute little quilt! I love the circles around the block the way they're farther apart as they are closer to the edges. Great job!

  7. Great photos! Your quilt is so cool and looks great in your entryway!

  8. I just love your quilt block!! Hope you don't mind, I have it pinned on my Sewing Inspiration board on pinterest:) I wish Katie Jump Rope was still available, but maybe they'll bring it back like Flea Market Fancy - I hope!

  9. Love your mini - it is like a Ray of Sunshine!

  10. Love it! Love it! The fabric, the quilting...everything!

  11. oh my gosh!! that is amazing!! if i was really brave i'd cut into my KJR. that is my absolutely favorite fabric line ever. i've never seen a quilt with that brown flower print was used in such an appealing way. thank you for the inspiration.

  12. A lovely, lovely NYB; I especially love the bright, cheery fabrics.

  13. I love it! And what a perfect spot for it to live! I would love to walk in to something so bright and cheerful!

  14. Absolutely beautiful! I love those sunny yellows, too.

  15. Just gorgeous! I don't think a better use of that fabric exists :-)