Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Works in Progress 6.20.12

We're settling into the swing of things this summer.
The girls are really loving reading
(under my quilts - love that)!
Our library has a great summer reading program, and 
this year the prizes are a secret -- so fun!
I spent some time this week trying to get
some unfinished projects FINISHED.
Or at least closer to finished.
I have so many projects started
that I can't even keep track.
So my goal for the first part of the summer
is to get at least a few of them DONE! 

I finished up another swoon block, so now I have 4 done.  Well actually 5 -- but there was one I didn't like so much, so it's going on the back.  This is going to be a wall hanging for my sewing space!  (someday)

Lexi found this sweater hanging in my sewing room yesterday, and was wondering when it would be done.
  So I said "today."
  I let her pick out the buttons
 (I love the chartreuse with the pink - smart girl!),
 and we finished it together.
  She proudly wore it all day.
  The pattern is "Tiny Tea Leaves," without the sleeves.  Leaving off the sleeves was brilliant (thanks for that advice, Amber!) --this way it's a cute summer sweater, and I don't have to deal with the drudgery of knitting sleeves -- my least favorite part of sweater knitting!

Another Retro Flowers block done.
Now I have 11 done, 5 to go.
I'm headed to a friend's house this weekend
for "sewing camp" -- 
we've never done this before,
and so I'm just giddy with excitement.
What to bring?
How much will I get done?
(not that it really matters!)
But I'm planning to bring the rest of the Retro Flowers blocks, hopefully finish the last 5,
 and get them all pieced together.

Speaking of fun,
head over here to catch up on other Works in Progress:
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  1. Love your Swoon blocks. I have my own Swoon that I need to get started.

  2. Love the colors in your Swoon! It's going to be a great quilt!

  3. The retro flowers AND the Swoon are lovely! I hope you get lots done! No talking now!!!!

  4. It's fun when our quilts get used in the house, isn't it?

    The swoon blocks look amazing with the dark background colour. Love it!

  5. Love your Swoon and Retro Flowers! Doesn't your daughter look so cute! She has a great eye for colour in her choice of buttons!

  6. Love your Swoon blocks and those Retro flowers are awesome. Great piecing!

  7. Woohoo, go you getting all that done, and love that wee cardi. Have fun this weekend :o)

  8. So jealous of your sewing camp! Sounds like a blast. Loving those swoon blocks, and the retro flowers is going to be fabulous. Good luck with those WIPs!!

  9. Oh wow . I love everything in your post hon!

  10. LOVE the sweater with the cute buttons! And I've got 2 readers at my house that love to snuggle under Mama's quilts too...best feeling isn't it?

  11. oh I love that first pic! My girl went & grew up & still loves to lay under a quilt on the couch reading!! Oh I love your Swoon too!!