Friday, September 27, 2013

Love this bag!

Handy Market Tote
(pattern from the adorable book Patchwork Please)

Last night after getting the girls to bed,
 I started working on this pattern.
Can you believe that I had the bag finished and was crawling into bed by 10:30pm?  I did omit some parts of the pattern -- I didn't add a button closure or interior pockets.  And since my fabrics were both home dec weight, I skipped the interfacing, too.  
What a fabulous, quick project!
I found the red/white stripe fabric at a vintage store ($7 for 2 yards!), and the black/white print is a remnant from Ikea.
  I remembered to add a label, too --
something I almost always forget!



  1. Fabulous it. Would you believe I am making cushions for a friend out of that black and white fabric.

  2. Looks great! I think I need to make one of these too!

  3. Wow! You made it so quickly! I had no idea it was such a quick bag to make. Great job, Michelle!

  4. SO nice! So was the home dec as both exterior and lining really enough to make a sturdy bag?!

  5. looks like a great bag for stitching projects and al sorts of other things as well, must pop out to Ikea and check out the fabric there, I usually use cottons on the bags I attempt but they are a bit floppy even with interfacing or bump added