Friday, February 28, 2014

Craft Swap

This month I joined a Craft Swap at Sweet Potato Claire -- I thought it would be fun to broaden my swapping -- I've only ever participated in sewing swaps on Flickr.
My secret partner was Kerrie from wildmae.
I made her this little first aid zip pouch -- and filled it with chocolate.  :-)
Now I'm watching the mail to see what type of crafty goodness arrives for me!


  1. what a cute little pouch, love the little xo on the back. Chocolate is the best medicine for all ills!

  2. Too cute, can't wait to see what you receive, swaps are so fun!

  3. chocolate, though perhaps not widely accepted as such, should certainly be considered part of anyone's first aid first line of defense ;) I LOVE the pouch! thanks for participating in the swap!

  4. a sweet purse or should I say a chocolate one remember to blog what you receive

  5. That is stinkin' cute! She is a lucky recipient!