Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Skirt

I agonized over fabric for a long time for this skirt -- voile or cotton, color, large or small print -- then finally decided on one of my favorite Katie Jump Rope prints.
Anna Maria Horner's free pattern was easy to follow, the only tricky part being the elastic waist.  Rachel's advice about watching a show while threading elastic was perfect -- it made this job much less tedious!  

Beautiful, right?!
The only problem is, it looks terrible on me!  The quilting cotton is so poofy, that the shape makes me look huge(!!!), even if I wear it pretty low on my hips.  There is just so much fabric!  I'm thinking about re-doing it -- maybe taking out about 1/2 of the fabric on one side -- so it's less full.  Or making another one in voile, to see if it would lay a little flatter.   It's always an adventure, trying to sew clothing, isn't it?!

I'm linking up with the Flirting the Issue Sew Along at Stitched in Color!


  1. Awww...I'm sorry to hear that, and yes that is the down side to sewing clothes, you never know how it will eventually look on you! It certainly is pretty and you did a great job! I hope to start mine today, I have a piece of voile to use, now I'm scared....

  2. I love the fabric that you made this skirt out of. It is such a shame that you don't love it. The elastic waistband certainly makes it complicated to alter. I wonder if you washed it a few times if it would soften up and you would like it better. (?)

    1. What a fabulous idea! I'll definitely wash it, and see if this helps!

  3. I'm sure that fabric was in your stash for years (oh, how I wish I had some Katie Jump Rope on hand!) -- I'm sorry the end product wasn't what you were hoping for. I just made my Flirting the Issue skirt with voile and was pretty happy. I'm considering using a quilting cotton that has a softer hand -- maybe something from Art Gallery? -- than Free Spirit's fabrics.

  4. Hi, I really like your skirt on the photo. I really hope your skirt will be must softer if you wash it? I washed mine and it looks good and fits nice. I must say I wear it a bit lower than my waist and put my t-shirt over the skirt. I agree there is much difference between the feel of quilt fabrics and quilt fabrics.Some times people in the quiltshop, I work in, don't believe that all the fabrics are 100% cotton for that reason.
    I browsed through your blog and I loved it . So many nice quilts (the one for your grandma, sticks and stones and much more), the cushion covers, I will come back:)

  5. I made an A-line skirt out of quilting cotton and feel the same way as you about it. It's not poofy, but instead sticks straight out at the sides so I look like a triangle. I was so disappointed because I love the fabric and the skirt pattern. For this sew along, I used a sheer cotton fabric and it drapes nicely. I also made one out of seersucker and it looks fine as well. Like the others said, hopefully washing will help it soften up. I do think your skirt looks beautiful though!

  6. Oh, and it's such a pretty fabric! Hope washing helps. Crossing fingers for you!

  7. Mine looks terrible on me too! But at least they are cute on their own. Sigh.