Friday, January 21, 2011

I Love Having Little Girls

What a gift it is to have two little girls to play with everyday!
Santa did some clearance shopping at Land of Nod and found this
Plan Toys dollhouse for Holly and Lexi for Christmas.
How did he know that I LOVE dollhouses, too?!

We have had so much fun with this already.
The dollhouse came with these cute little green pom-poms for shrubs,
but we decided that we needed some white ones, too, for the winter months.
  The girls were AMAZED that we could make these ourselves!
Original "shrubs"
Our winter pom-poms

I found a handmade family for our dollhouse on Etsy here.
Shannon did a beautiful job with this family,
and the little teddy bear is just too cute!
She'll even do a custom family to look just like yours, if you'd like.

Baby & Teddy Bear

Child's Bed

Parent's Bed

Even the kitty is enjoying the dollhouse
 (no surprise, since she's a girl, too!)
Of course the family needed winter quilts for their beds, too.
We used some scrap fabrics to make quilts for two of the beds.
  Holly requested something for the crib next.
And we'll have to get to work on lighter quilts for the summer months.

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  1. really michelle, i don't know how you do it all!!
    hope to see you guys soon : )