Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Hearts

The girls and I spent last weekend making Valentine's Day decorations.  We printed out lots of online coloring pages in a variety of heart shapes, colored them, and taped them all over the walls.  We practiced writing "I love you," and "Happy Valentines Day!" over and over, too.  Then we made this heart garland!  The girls are very into patterns -- this is a math topic in kindergarten right now -- and they quickly realized that the heart pattern was A-B-A-C-A (or red-white-red-pink-red, etc).  We punched out tons of hearts with a scrapbooking punch and then sewed them together.  I was planning to do this with felt, but the scrapbooking punch wasn't strong enough for felt, and it seemed like too much work to cut out so many hearts with a scissors.  This was MUCH easier!

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