Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Evolution of a Bird

My little artists and I had a couple of great days together this week. They were out of school for President's Day and then teacher conferences, so we got to stay home and play -- just like we used to, before Kindergarten!

So today I decided that we should try to make birds.  Holly and Lexi's artwork has been all about Spring and Easter recently -- eggs, bunnies, flowers, trees, birds, etc.  We're all ready for spring.  I've been reading the "Spring" section of Scandinavian Stitches, and decided to try out the bird and nest pattern.  I love all of the creative ideas in this book!  The nest is cute and was relatively easy, but the birds were tricky.

I let the girls pick out material from my fabric stash this morning, and we went to work. The first bird looked terrible. There was no way to save him. So we started over. The second two birds weren't too bad, and the girls had fun picking out buttons for their eyes. Lexi pulled the legs off of hers accidentally, after it had been stuffed and finished.  We decided that her bird would be best suited for sitting on eggs, and Holly's bird would be in charge of bringing back worms.

I made a 4th bird after bedtime. And I realized that next time, things will go more smoothly if I try out the project first, without the company of little artists!

4th (& last) bird
I'll stick to quilting from now on!
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  1. No, don't just stick to quilting, your bird is really sweet! Remember, practice makes perfect...

  2. The little birds are great :) Sometimes it's nice to take a break from quilting! I am no good at sewing little things, but with a little practice on my part, I think it would be fun to have a few of these little guys around!

  3. love the little birds michelle!! i bet you three have had a lot of fun these past few days : )

  4. Oh, how cute is that? I love crafting with my girls! (Well, it's mostly just my older one at this point, but I'm sure her sister will be joining in soon!)

    Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week!