Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Pillows

The back, quilted with wavy lines

Close up view of the hearts
This was a really fun pillow to make!
  Holly helped me to arrange all of the hearts in a heart shape.  It didn't work to fuse them onto the fabric as I had planned, so I pinned each one carefully, and then machine appliqued around each edge in matching thread.

We spend lots of time at our dining room table, drawing and coloring.
Sometimes my little artists will ask to color a picture "from the computer."
So we'll google " ______ coloring pages."
They fill in the blank with castles, kittens, turtles, or this month, HEARTS!

Pillow Inspiration!

This pillow was also done with machine appliqued felt hearts,
but then I added a bunch of hand embroidered hearts too.
Holly and Lexi are thrilled that they each have a Valentine's Day Pillow!
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  1. Those are adorable pillow....everyone of them!!!

  2. michelle, you are so amazing at getting fun projects done! i love this sort of thing, but i'm not a natural at all. and my end projects don't usually have a quality factor to them like yours do.

    it took me FOREVER to sew four heart-shaped bean bags, and when i was done i realized the material i used was too think and they ripped open after a few tosses!

    i'm going to google color sheets, what a smart idea!

    : )

  3. These are so cute! What is that fabric on the back of the top one? Adorable!

  4. These pillows are WONDERFUL! The quality of your projects are really just amazing:). I love the new blog!

  5. Gorgeous! It's so lovely and looks so professional.

  6. I love the pillows, the back of the first one is really stunning!

  7. Love all the pillows, they are fantastic. So cute! and I love the idea to google color sheets. I'm totally doing that!

  8. Cute Pillow! I love the heart trees!

  9. I love these pillows! They are fabulous! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday!

  10. Wow! These pillows are so great! I love'em! :)