Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Works in Progress, 1.18.12

Happy Wednesday!
I've had lots of time to sew during the past week . . .
and a lot of little projects in progress!
Finished 4 x 5 bee blocks

I wrote a tutorial for this scrappy asterisk block,
find it here!

 Still swooning along . . . . 
Block #2

Block #3

Nearly finished with this baby quilt:
Paper pieced "LOVE" by Kelly

 Still trying to decide on an arrangement for these 
Circle of Star blocks that keep arriving in the mail
as part of the Peace Circle of 

Nearly finished with this mini quilt,
my entry in the contest
As soon as I get the binding finished,
I'll write more about this one!

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  1. Eek! So many cute things to look at! Love the asterisks and the LOVE quilt!

  2. honestly I think you have one of the nicest groupings of projects out there right now! Seriously - love your Swoon(!) and your asterisks(!) especially!

  3. Love your projects....I agree with Debbie. I love the asterisk blocks...may have to try that one....

  4. Nice progress on your Swoon blocks! And the Do Good Stitches star quilt is going to be gorgeous. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  5. ^ What they said ;) I love that aserix block and the circle quilting looks fab with it. Off to look at your tut now, thanks for posting it :)

  6. Oooh, what to comment on? It's all so great. Your swoon blocks look amazing, and I love the circle of stars blocks. I used your asterisk tutorial this week (it's up on my WIP post) and it was so fun, so thanks again for that!

  7. Beautiful Michelle! I love everything, but your swoon blocks are just fabulous!

  8. All those blocks look so great. I especially love the stars blocks. Every time I see a swoon block it makes me want to start that quilt. I need to resist!

  9. Wow! your swoon is amazing, love your blocks!! Those star blocks are fantastic, will make one awesome quilt :-)

  10. Oh my! there are some beauties there.

  11. I love the scrappy asterisk block I have pined it to come back and later make it (when I have some current projects done) it seems like a lot of fun. Great job on all the projects your in the middle of.


  12. Your Swoon blocks are some of my favorites. That's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

  13. Ah, what a lovely post filled such beautiful fabrics and ideas. I read through the asterisk tutorial and think that's a winner, but so are the other projects on here. Fun to read this today!

    Elizabeth E!

  14. Wow, seriously productive week there! Love all the blocks and that love baby quilt is going to be so cute!