Sunday, June 3, 2012

Messenger Bag

 I fell off the Zakka Style Sew Along wagon
a few weeks ago,
 but jumped back on this week!
 I love messenger bags,
but have always been a little scared to make one.
I've made lots of bags,
but for some reason I just couldn't get my head
around how to make the flap work!
 The instructions in the Zakka Style book are great,
but I wish I would have used a stiffer interfacing,
or interfaced the lining, too -- my bag is a bit floppy.
I whipped this up yesterday,
and didn't have the hardware on hand to make an adjustable handle.
So I just figured out how long I'd like it
(47 inches was perfect),
to make it fairly easy to wear across my body.

Fabrics are linen (a blue/charcoal color)
and Reunion by Sweetwater.
What a fun bag!

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  1. Your bag is great - I love your fabrics! I haven't been able to get the strap hardware so I got stuck before I even started - I thought maybe I could pick up *something* and MacGyver it to make it work, but I like your idea better :) I make similar messenger bags for little kids with no strap hardware so it should have occurred to me to do the same thing for this bag, lol. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Really cute, and you know I love that Reunion fabric!

  3. How fun - I love the mix of your fabrics - especially all the dots added in. Good job adjusting the handle to meet your needs!

  4. Oooh! I love messenger bags! Very nice.

  5. Love this! Great fabric choices.

  6. I went to thrift stores to find old bags or belts that would have the right hardware for my bag.

  7. It`s just beautiful and love the fabrics choice!

  8. Gorgeous! I love the fabric and the way you did your strap

  9. Great job! I love the bunting fabric! caught myself nearly buying it several times now I just didn't know what i'd do with it! you've made a fine example of what to do! Good job chica! its adorable! As for the floppy moppy part of the "problem" I think once you fill it you'll be okay :) Personally i've made bags that way because I didn't use the right kind of interfacing but once they got didn't matter anymore. Great job!

  10. Super cute! I love your fabric choices - very nice. :)

  11. I absolutely love this bag! Great job!!

  12. So cute!! I might have to make one of these ;)