Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Works in Progress (1/29/14)

I've had a busy week, with lots of projects in various stages of completion!
I finished up my blocks for my do. Good Stitches bee,
scrappy inverse stars (tutorial here).

I'm trying out making fabric covers for these bins from Ikea.  I'm planning to post a tutorial once I'm happy with the measurements and the way the covers fit.  This is going to give my basement storage a much needed makeover!

 I've also been working hard at finishing up this quilt top:
 I completed the last few blocks yesterday, and now just need to get them all sashed and into a quilt top.  I'm hoping I can finish it by Friday, to enter it into the contest at Sew Sweetness.  The winner gets to have their quilt top quilted by Angela Walters -- what a treat that would be!

(Linking up to WIP Wed at Freshly Pieced)


  1. Lots on the go! The inverse stars are really pretty.

  2. Love those star blocks! And your City Sampler - good luck getting the top finished in time to link up!

  3. you have some lovely things here today, both block designs and fabrics used are so easy on the eye. All my tula blocks sashed but have made 16 into a lap quilt so now wondering whether to re do those 16 or just put the other 84 into a quilt, they are spread out on the lounge floor, just as well i live on my own!

  4. Nice fabric bins!

    ADORE the pink blocks!

  5. Lovely blocks! The colors you chose for the modern blocks are so pretty! I hope you get your top done in time!

  6. You have some fantastic projects going on! I have those ikea boxes in black for toys...never thought of covering them! Great idea!

  7. wow you have lots of projects on the go...love those stars...very pretty

  8. those star blocks are gorgeous, thanks for the link. I was admiring your Tula squares when I realised what they were. I've got the book, just need time to do something with it now!

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    1. Great Sugar Pop blocks! I really like how you alternated how the blocks were set.