Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Works in Progress, October 5th

I have little bits of lots of things going on this week . . . 

Block 59, "Night and Day"

Block 83, "Spiderweb"

Block 11
 After putting these blocks together,
 I'm not sure I'm in love with Improv piecing . . . . . yet.
I like to have a pattern to follow!
Block 12

This week I finished piecing this Starflower block quilt,
part of the Peace Circle of do. Good Stitches.
My daughters thought it was such fun to have these blocks arrive in the mail last month!

A non-quilty WIP:
Nearly finished, a $20 garage sale find!

On a completely unrelated note, I have a question!
See the antique turquoise jars on the top shelf?
Well, I found a source for lots of these.
So I'm wondering --if I were to sell these
(say in groups of 6)
what would be a reasonable purchase price?

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Great work on all those farmers block. I love your Starflower quilt. And REALLY love that table you found. Gorgeous!

  2. Love the Starflower. :) Sorry - I have no idea about the jars.

  3. Love your blocks, and that starflower quilt is so pretty! Sorry, I'm not sure about the jars...maybe search for something similar on ebay or etsy to see what the going rate would be? They are super pretty though :-)

  4. Eek- your starflower quilt looks amazing! I can't wait to see it all finished. Great job!

  5. I agree - the starflower is lovely!! Very cool.

  6. I love the Starflower quilt! It is going to be beautiful!

  7. The starflower quilt is so Amazing! Love it so much. Also what a great little table you found. I'm always on the lookout for stuff like that but rarely find any in the thrift stores around here.

  8. Yay! This is a lot of progress. I'm loving your Starflower progress! (I put the label in the mail to you today.)

    About the jars...I'm no help!

  9. Your blocks look great! I especially like the spiderweb. And that Starflower quilt is going to be completely awesome!

  10. So many cute things! I really like your Beacon Lights block and your house is cute, too.

  11. amazing! love the starflower quilt, your SB#11 block is fantastically awesome, and what a cool table! As far as the jars go, I have no idea. I'd buy them for a dollar each, hehehe. maybe take the price you paid per jar, double it and wham there ya go?

  12. $10 for 6 jars? The starflower quilt looks awesome.

  13. The Starflower quilt looks amazing and all your blocks are gorgeous.

  14. Gorgeous quilts, love the starflower rendition. Makes me want to make one! Don't know about the jars, but I paid 2 bucks for a similar one about 6 years ago in an antique shop. Maybe check eBay for similar prices? The hard thing about those would be shipping if you plan to ship them, which would factor into the price you may want to charge (and I'd be interested!)

    Elizabeth E.

  15. Love that table! We have one that looks very similar that was a wedding gift to my grandparents over 65 years ago!!! The little drawer is so handy :)