Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Knitting Projects

Pointy Elf Hat (s)
by Joelle Hoverson
I love this book.  So many cute projects!
The elf hat is in the "can be knit in under 2 hours" chapter,
but it took me longer, maybe 3-4 hours.
Still totally worth it, though!
Now the girls are thinking they might like tassles for the top.
I've had one request for jingle bells, and another for a red and white pom pom!

This week I also finished up the
"just enough ruffles scarf" by Laura Chau.
This is a fabulous, fun, and easy pattern!

It looks like a shawl on a 6 year old,
but on an adult it is much more scarf-like!
When I asked for a model for the finished scarf,
Lexi went all out -- sunglasses and superstar poses!

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  1. Hysterically cute hats! Especially on twins! Love it! : )

  2. Very nice hats! I have knit little ones like that in green with a few bobbles. They looked like Christmas trees!

  3. Aren't kids so funny? Lovely red hats and pretty scarf.

  4. Those hats are so stinking cute!

  5. oh your girls are precious in their pointy hats! Just darling.

  6. SOOOO cute -- the girls and the hats : )