Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sewing Curves

I can't believe it!

I've never sewn curves,
and I didn't know it could be this easy and fun!

I'm taking Rachel's Curves Class, 
and this is the first project I've tried.
(I've been working way too much this month,
and haven't had much time to sew.)
When I started on this project,
I wasn't sure if I could make it work!
So I did the tree as one piece instead of following
Rachel's instructions for a scrappy tree with lots of curves.

Thanks so much for a fabulous project
with wonderful instructions, Rachel!

 I will definitely be making another one
of these mini quilts,
probably in mid-December,
with reds and greens,
and will definitely make the tree curvy scrappy!

Hop over to Megan's Sew Modern Monday
to see some inspiring projects!


  1. oh, I LOVE your fabric/color choices, this turned out awesome!

  2. Oh, I LOVE the way you quilted out from the star. So pretty. It's also fun the way you used the same fabric in different colors. So glad you had time for this one!

  3. This is really sweet! Love your fabrics.

  4. That is a very cute quilt, Michelle....I know you have been busy. Did you get a chance to get in o our blog hop this past week? If not; check it out on my blog; there is a list of all the blogs with the giveaways.....

  5. That is supper cool. I love that. I have been afraid to sew curves and even taking a class seems too hard. But I will need to get out of my uncomfortable zone and try it because what you made is amazing.
    Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

  6. Ooh, so much fun! I signed up too, but haven't had a chance to catch up yet. Tomorrow's the day!!!

  7. What a cute mini! I could definitely see it in Christmas colors. Kudos for you for giving curves a try.

  8. Such a cute mini, and yay for sewing curves!! It will look awesome in scrappy Christmas fabrics!

  9. wow - that's your first attempt at curves? They are fantastic! Well done :-D

  10. I love the fabrics you used in this! I hope mine turns out half as pretty :)

  11. Such a cute mini! I love the quilting coming out of the star. And congratulations on tackling curves!

  12. Turned out great! I like how you used the same patterned fabric in different colors.