Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Works in Progress!

This weekend I finished a pair of gift bags, 
along with fabric covered button hair binders --
birthday gifts for a set of twins.

 And I'm so happy to have this little quilt finished!
This New York Beauty block (#4) was really fun to make.
I'll devote another full post to this soon!

 And it's that time of year to start making
end-of-the-year teacher gifts!
Last year I made these book bags for my girls' teachers,
 so I figured I'd make a few more this year, too.
The "Read" is a bit funky --
 not sure if I'm in love with it or not.
I sort of paper pieced,
 sort of free hand pieced these blocks.
I love the brown print for the "bookshelves"  though!

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  1. Your NY beauty block is glorious! Love the gifts for the twins too. And the read bags...well, you know how I feel about that!

  2. What great yellow gift bags and you NY beauty - wowsa! Anxious to read your post about it.

  3. Oh wow, so much pretty in this post!! I love that NY Beauty mini, so awesome, and I love the read bags you're working on, too, such a fab idea for teacher gifts!!

  4. Your NYB mini is a stunner! I love the blcoks for the book bags, I think the read block looks really cool.

  5. You are really coming up with some very cute projects Michelle...love the gift bags...and that NYB is wonderful.. teachers must love your little ones...lol...very nice.

  6. Your NY Beauty quilt is amazing! Love everything about it :-) Super cute bags, I personally love the fun and wonky "read"!

  7. Love your NYB project. The yellow is so fresh and bright! Well done.

  8. All of your projects are great! The NYB block mini is gorgeous!

  9. Love your makes for the week, especially the sunny NYB. I have to make a bookshelf for one of my bees this month, and you've just reminded me of a wood like print I have that could become a shelf, thank you!

  10. LOVE the new york beauty. It's just gorgeous, and looks great in yellow.

  11. I love the read bags- and I think you should definitely be in love with the read letters- they are awesome!

  12. I love the book bags - the teachers will be thrilled! (And the wood fabric is a fabulous choice!) Your NYB is beautiful!

  13. Your NYB block is the prettiest little quilt I have ever seen!! Beautiful job on it. I am inspired to make one myself.

  14. I love the wonky "read"! All your projects are so lovely!

  15. I have never tried curved piecing - your little quit is lovely.