Thursday, November 14, 2013

Penny Patch Progress

This lovely bundle of Hip Holiday fabric (from Sew Love Fabrics) arrived in my mailbox this week--my prize as being chosen as one of the Holiday Challengers at Stitched in Color.
(Thanks so much, Rachel!)

I'm making a throw sized Penny Patch Quilt, as a Christmas gift for some very special people in my family.  This is such a fun and easy quilt to put together!
Here is my progress so far: 
After seeing this photo, I have decided:
1. the solids have to go -- I need more low volume prints!
2. the lighting in my sewing room is terrible!
3. I need a much bigger design wall!

I'm going to need to put this quilt together in quadrants -- I'm thinking 4 quadrants, of 5 x 6 blocks each -- then I'll piece the 4 quadrants together.  It never works for me to lay out quilt squares on the floor -- this little one has too much fun with my layout!

This car/tree print is my absolute favorite -- isn't it the best?!
Ok, back to sewing!


  1. Hi Michelle! Just wanted to pop in and say that I think this is going to be so cute. I wouldn't have thought about using a "novelty" fabric, but it's going to look excellent. I'm normally a big solid fan, but I think you might be right about it not ...quite... fitting. Normally solids would give your eyes a chance to rest, but instead it's ... impeding the flow (I sound weird and not clear, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to get at :-/)
    Can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. this is looking great, some very nice patterned fabrics you have here. Can see why you do not use the floor with your pretty kitty, he/she certainly looks ready to pounce!!

  3. Very fun! I was excited to see you were one of the stitchers!

  4. So glad you were picked and can't wait to see this finished quilt! It will be so great, I just know it!

  5. This is great so far! FYI I bought a vinyl tablecloth at the dollar store this week, it has a felt back :) Three commando hooks, three holes punched in the tablecloth and fifteen minutes later I had a 50 x 70 design wall on the wall.... $4.50

  6. I agree that the car/tree print is darling (As is your quilt:)) Can I ask what the name of that fabric is? Thanks! Amy

  7. That's lovely! Congrats for winning.
    What a good idea to combine your win with this QAL.