Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gone Camping

Daddy, Momma & little bunny
packed their sleeping bags and went camping.
I spent much of last week pattern testing for Florence of Flossie Teacakes.
I have been following her blog for at least the past year,
really enjoying so many of her projects.
Then this spring, I absolutely fell in love with the sleeping bags
that she made for her children's teddy bears.

The pattern comes with 3 sizes,
but is really customizable to whatever stuffed animal or doll you'd like.
  This is an extremely well written, easy to follow pattern, with lots of great photos.
  I was never frustrated with it, and I really enjoyed the process!
The back sides
Each sleeping bag is like a mini quilt -- top and bottom layers, quilted however you'd like.  On these DS Quilts bags, I did wavy line quilting.
On the sheep sleeping bags (below), I did free motion quilting.
Her pattern includes a very nice tutorial on single fold bias binding --
 I had never done this before, and was surprised at how easy it was to learn!

Each sleeping bag has a soft pillow for the bunny's head, and I finished the inside of the bag (after stuffing the pillow) with a decorative wavy stitch.

These little sleeping bags were such fun to put together.
You should have seen the smiles on my children's faces!
I will definitely be making more, for Christmas, birthday gifts, etc.
Pattern available here!


  1. Saw these on Florences blog - These are so sweet! Love the inbuilt pillow too! Lovely to find your blog!

  2. so cute michelle, as usual i love the material choices : ) lucky stuffed animals and dolls at your house!!

    have FUN on vacation .... be in touch when you get back.

    i got the envelope in the mail, thanks. and the girls went to the park deal last night with some friends --- they had a blast! zoe talked the whole time apparently and ella had fun but was quiet. later she told me she just really likes to talk with me instead : )

  3. Thank goodness I have a 2year old neice and I have someone to use all these adorable patterns for! My 21 yr old daughter would probably appreciate a little sleeping bag for a softie but she might look at me a little strange if I were to make one for her! Love these little sleeping bags

  4. these are adorable! so so cute :-)

  5. These are just adorable! Any little kid would love them!

  6. They're beautiful! Thank you so, so much for all your work testing the pattern, and thank you for the link too. x