Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wed 7.12.2011

I finished up my warm/cool mini quilt this week,
part of Jeni's quilt along at In Color Order.

I love how vibrant the colors are, and they look just lovely in our garden!

So since I finished one quilt along, I figured, why not start another?
Plus, this first block looked so easy, I couldn't resist.
It's part of the Summer Sampler Quilt Along.
I looked at the instructions while eating breakfast monday morning,
and had it finished by the time the kids woke up!
It was a really fun way to start my week.
And I'm glad I'm finally using these DS quilts fabrics . . . I've been looking at them, wondering what to do with them, for too long!
Summer Sampler, Virginia Star

I'm still working on my Kaleidoscope blocks . . . slowly.
The one block that is completely pieced looks a bit lumpy in the middle.
I'm hoping that Elizabeth has some good tips on
joining the halves of the Kaleidoscope later this week!

AMH Loulouthi, with Kona solids

I spent way too much time this week thinking about blocks
The first one I tried was a design I created--
it looked pretty good on paper, but was a disaster.
The next 2 are here -- any thoughts?

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  1. Ooo I really like your kaleidescope blocks :)

  2. I like both of your 4x5 test blocks - especially the orange one. Very nice! And as for your blocks, don't let the lumpiness bother you. Quilting will hide that - trust me, after quilting my spiderweb quilt (which had some seriously lumpy seams), I am super confident in saying that quilting can hide just about anything!

  3. I love the off center placement on the warm cool!

  4. Your warm cool HST mini is adorable! Love the offset center design. I also love both blocks, perhaps the orange just slightly more than the mini pinwheels, but both are seriously awesome :-)

  5. My kaleidoscope blocks are lumpy too! At least we have each other... :)

    I'm loving your mini pinwheels block!

  6. Everything looks SO awesome!! I LOVE the warm/cool quilt!! It is divine!! And you Kaleidoscope looks great!!

  7. Oh, everything is so lovely!

    As for the kaleidoscope blocks--there's some great tips in the discussion on Flickr, and I found that for me, spray-starching the quarter-blocks really helped when sewing the last few seams.

  8. I saved her posts of instructions on making the warm/cool quilt and hope to give it a try one day.

  9. I love the warm/cool quilt - the colours are indeed gorgeous.

    I love the last of your blocks too - it comes together to make a lovely pattern.

  10. I like your 4x5 blocks. That warm/cool quilt is very nice as well!

  11. Wow, everything looks so great! Love what you did with the warm/cool quilt and your choice of adding solids in the Kaleidascope quilt. It's going to look so beautiful! Loving your orange block for the 4 by 5. It really pops!

  12. i like that orange grey and white block. very effective. I struggle with using orange despite knowing it is a great pop in a quilt so i take notice of thing using that color.

  13. I love your Kaleidascope blocks! Those are my very favorites so far out of any I have seen. Very very nice colors.

  14. Wow! I just *love* the blocks you designed! the subtle patchwork on the orange stripe makes you look twice, and the green pinwheels are wonderful with the b&w's. :D

  15. I love how your warm/cool quilt turned out! I am a huge polka dot fan so its fun to see all the polka dots you used :)

  16. oh... i like the orange block. It is neat.

  17. Love the orange/grey block - so zingy! Will they go in the same direction, zig zag, go in a square or some other layout - so many variations!

  18. your warm/cool mini quilt is beautiful! I like both of the blocks you made, esp the orange/grey/white one :-)

  19. I love every project you featured today. I am a picky quilter, so you should feel honored! ;) Just kidding, but, honestly, all of your projects looks great. I love the colors, especially in your warm/cool quilt. And your bee blocks look good.

  20. OMG, I LOVE the orange 4x5 block! That's fabulous, great job. And your Warm/Cool quilt looks great too. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )