Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bella Quilt

This is a long lost work in progress, now finished!
(Hopefully the first in a long list of finishes coming soon!)

A while back I tested Elizabeth's pattern for

It's a great pattern for using up a charm pack.
I had a Bliss charm pack sitting around for quite awhile --
the pattern walks through how to pair it with some coordinating fabrics
(solid kona snow and pink in my quilt) to create an interesting quilt.
I'd highly recommend this pattern!
Thanks for letting me test it out, Elizabeth!


  1. Okay, I feel guilty that you consider this a long-lost WIP! Mine is still a quilt top, and it feels pretty recent to me! It's a gorgeous quilt.

  2. Oh, I just finished mine last night! Preparing a post now! Yours is lovely!

  3. Very sweet. I still love Bliss...

  4. The Quilt looks great!

    Greetings from Bavaria,

  5. Love this Michelle! Its so pretty with the Bliss, great quilt!

  6. Yay for finishes, and I love that line :o)