Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I love making these wonky stars.
I have a stack of reds, whites, and blues,
all ready to be made into a summertime quilt.

But I have finished 2 quilt tops recently,
and should really get them quilted!
The one above is a do.Good Stitches quilt,
made by the ladies of the Peace circle,
The one below is a (partial) Swoon,
using old Amy Butler prints & dots. 
Four blocks is the perfect size
for a wall hanging for my sewing room!
 I don't like the actual basting and quilting
as much as I like starting new projects, though,
 and so this week I had to make another
"Read" Library Tote!
Pattern available here.
Giveaway post here!

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  1. I hear you on not liking the whole "basting and quilting" biz. But a finish sure feels good....:)

  2. Heh, I'm totally with you on the starting new projects and avoiding the icky bits ;o) Great tops and bag anyway!

  3. Great projects. I love the wonky star, can't wait to see that finished. I don't enjoy the basting (who does?), but I DO like the quilting. Well, at least at first... And I agree that starting a new project is the best!

  4. Oh, my goodness! I LOVE that asterisk quilt!! SO cute!!! Happy 4th!

  5. What great projects! Love your Swoon top - love everything in fact!

  6. I also love those scrappy stars! That asterisk quilt is great, and your swoon wall hanging will be the perfect inspiration while your sewing away! Thanks for linking up :-)

  7. that wonky star looks fun ... and that asterix quilt will make someone very happy.

  8. Love the wonky star...wonky coolness!

  9. wonderful projects Michelle....love the scrappy one...

  10. Your asterisk quilt is awesome, Michelle! And I love your tote!

  11. Love all of your projects and thanks for the asterisk tutorial - it came in really handy for a recent collaborative quilt that I put together.

  12. Awesome projects, and I'm with you on the basting/quilting thing. I love making the tops, it's the rest that's not as much fun for me! But the finish is always a good feeling.