Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Improv Quilt, finished!

 What a fun quilt to have finished!
I loved making these improv blocks,
using up my treasured AMH Good Folks fabric.
 Wonderful texture with straight line quilting!

Wouldn't these photos have been beautiful,
had I looked at my camera settings more carefully?
(I was so frustrated when I returned home from my friend's beautiful farm to find all of my photos way overexposed!!!)
So here is the finished quilt again, on the clothesline in my backyard:
Love, love, LOVE this quilt!
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  1. The quilt is beautiful Michelle. Bummer about the photos, consider them highly artistic! :) Bet you're glad that you decided to make more blocks to add to this one, hey?

  2. Oh I love that pattern! And the colors! I really want to get out my scraps and make something like this.

  3. Very pretty, Michelle...lovely!

    1. Great quilt!
      And, I actually really love the first overexposed pic. It looks like a painting! (and I have so been there w the camera!)

  4. This is a really sweet quilt, Michelle!

  5. Och, I think that first over-exposed one looks deliberately artistic, I'd go with that ;o) Love how it turned out anyway :o)

  6. Love these improv blocks - they really make the Good Folks fabric stand out. Great pics too.

  7. Love the rich colour scheme!

  8. A beautiful quilt!! And a great use of some treasured fabrics! Too bad about the photos at the farm, could you fix them with photo editing? Actually, the first one looks really cool like that!

  9. I L.O.V.E. this quilt! And the backing fabric is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

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