Saturday, May 21, 2011


Handmade by Heidi

This friday was another FNSI, hosted by Heidi.
I spent Friday (and Saturday, too!)
finishing up gifts for our Sunday School teachers!
Our last day of Sunday School is May 22nd, and I wanted to do something nice for each of the amazing women who volunteer at our church each week--there are teachers, helpers, and "music ladies"--so there were quite a few gifts to make!

I couldn't just make the same bags . . . it would have been too boring.
So I tried out a few different things --pennant flags with "Alleluia" embroidery,
2 gathered clutches (love the tutorial at Noodlehead), and zippered bags with tree and flower embroidery (these are my favorites).
The girls made lots of cards, and had fun covering the envelopes with stickers.
Then we added chocolates -- each bag is filled with yummy goodies!

Now it's on to end of the school year teacher gifts -- good thing I've got a few weeks.
Our last day of school isn't until June 9th!


  1. Love the pennant bags and the embroidered bags are just too cute! Absolutely adorable!

  2. I love all of these bags! Such sweet embroidery. I'm planning on making some gathered clutches for my son's teachers. But his last day is Wednesday, so I need to get working!

  3. Oh my it's a zipper bag smorgasbord - what beautiful gifts! I especially like the flags with the rick rack, and the flower embroidered bag - I love how the embroideries mirror the fabric design!

  4. Love them all, but the Alleluia with pennants is just a great combination!

  5. These bags are all gorgeous! I just adore the last set with the embroidery.

  6. michelle, i feel like my comments are always the same to you --- i am SOOOOO impressed with each of your projects!! the sunday school teachers will be very happy today : ) can't wait to hear what h and l's teachers receive : )

    what week is vbs?
    any nights this week you and the girls open for dinner/playdate?


  7. Wow! Those are so cute! I want to try out that pennant design.

  8. Your tree and flower embroidery is adorable. :)