Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's been a great week!
I was so happy to get Lexi's quilt finished . . . 
mostly so that I could put her Christmas quilt away!
I entered this quilt into the Bloggers Quilt Festival
at amyscreativeside.com -- read more about it here.

Over the weekend I decided to get back to work on my Bottled Rainbows.
And once I got going, I couldn't stop.  These blocks are so much fun to piece!
This pink one is my favorite (and my little artists' favorite too --
we all love pink, and really love cats).

Favorite block

New additions this week
These blocks are each 10.5inches square.
 I had originally intended on doing 16 blocks -- 4x4 to make it square,
because I liked the symmetry of it.
But the last 4 blocks that I had all ready to go had almost no fabric
scraps to go with them.  I just couldn't make it work.
So I decided that I was happy with 12 squares instead.
I'm trying to get this quilt finished up in time for my college reunion (in 3 wks) -- one of my college roommates told me I just had to enter a quilt in the alumni art fair.  I spent an entire day agonizing about which quilt to enter, and when my husband came home, he said "this is it -- this is the coolest quilt I've ever seen."
How interesting.  So this is it!
I just need to decide on a binding fabric.  Nothing in my stash would do, so I ordered 3 fabrics from Etsy and am going to try them out as soon as they arrive.
Almost finished!

I'm still working on these blocks based on Arajane's tutorial here.

I made up some blocks with Kona snow, too (last week I had only done the brown), and am wondering where to go from here.  I have lots more scraps, (Sugar Pop fabric leftover from my Supernova Quilt), so I can make more of either (or both!) colorways.  So far I've thought of 1) keeping things totally separate (make one quilt in brown, one in snow), or 2) throw them all together -- one brown stripe, one snow, another brown.  Other ideas, anyone?

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  1. I love the blocks for your bottled rainbows quilt. I hope you get it done in time for the reunion.

  2. Wow, loving your bottled rainbows. I have to have one of these quilts - a couple more years sewing and I might have enough scraps, and skills, to put one together!! I like the long thin blocks too, really unusual. I quite like the striped version...

  3. oh, all of this is so fun! I love the quilt for your little one. The simplicity is fantastic, it makes those detailed trees really pop!
    And I love your bottled rainbows - and what a great compliment from your husband! Good luck in the show.

  4. WOW I so love that red quilt! Very cool.

  5. I love that design with the Sugar Pop fabrics! I would say if you can find a need for 2 quilts, I would make a brown AND a white! Still just love that finished tree quilt, and your bottled rainbows are just delicious!!

  6. Oh, I love your version of bottled rainbows!

  7. I love all your quilts! Very pretty!

  8. I love those little Sugar Pop blocks. I have a few fat quarters from that line that I haven't cut into yet.

    Your bottled rainbows are looking lovely, too. Can't wait to see what you decide on for the binding.

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Great projects. Love how the tree quilt turned out. Your sugar pop blocks are really nice I like how they look. That one will be super.

  10. I kinda like one brown, one white strips, it is fun like that! I love that your bottled rainbows blocks are square, and yes, the pink is my favorite too!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree quilt!! So cute! And your bottled rainbows are darling!!

  12. I love you're tree quilt. Stunning!

  13. Your bottled rainbows are shaping up nicely! The alumni art fair sounds so fun!

    Still loving the tree quilt. The sugar pop blocks are very cool. I don't think you can go wrong.

  14. The tree quilt is just wonderful. Great job! And I love your Bits and Blocks blocks. Those are fun.

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  15. Love your Bottled Rainbows, its looking fab. I must get mine out again and get moving on it! And those scrappy Sugar Pop blocks are so cool..will be looking forward to seeing how they end up!