Sunday, April 22, 2012

From Start to Finish . . .

In less than 3 days!

Inspiration struck Thursday morning,
and I starting laying out HSTs.
(HSTs are Moda's Arcadia fabric)
 Thursday night I stayed up late trimming blocks.
 During the day on Friday I sewed the quilt top together.
After the kids were in bed Friday night,
I added Kona Ivory for the borders,
pin basted the quilt, and marked it for quilting.
 I used my Pilot Frixion pen
to mark 3 1/2 in squares in the solid border,
to match the 3 1/2 inch HSTs.
Went to bed at midnight (or a little after)!
Started quilting at 7am Saturday morning,
after Holly woke me up.
Finished the quilting Saturday afternoon,
while the girls colored this masterpiece:
Art Print to color yourself, found on Etsy
I sewed the binding on by hand on Saturday night,
since by then I was pretty tired of sitting in front of my sewing machine!
Finished at 11:18pm.

Sunday morning photos:
52" x 58"
I free motion quilted "orange peels,"
using this tutorial by the lovely QuiltyGirl.
The backing is the Katie Jump Rope orange dots,
so soft and cozy!

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  1. oh my! This is a serious contender! I love it!! And like me, inspiration struck & you went for it. I love Arcadia - are they 6" hst? - and your design is really lovely - lots of roomy white-space and your awesome quilting. Very cool!!

  2. I covet this quilt!!! Arcadia is one of my all-time faves. I LOVE the quilting!!

  3. Yay, go you! Good luck in the comp! I've never thought to use my frixxion pens to mark quilting lines though - doh!

  4. oh I see now the hst are 3 1/2"...and do tell more about the marking pen...

    1. The frixion pen is awesome - writes easily on fabric, and magically disappears with heat (just iron it)! The only thing I've heard is that if the fabric gets cold (ie. winter in Minnesota), the lines may reappear. So this is the first time I've used it, since I try to photograph most of my quilts outside. It was 55 degrees this morning, and no lines reappeared, whew!

  5. I love it! Your quilting looks great! I hope my explanation helped. :)

    I think the frixion pen only reappears at temps below freezing. Also, someone at a LQS told me that if you wash the quilt, it takes the ink out, so it won't reappear. They did a little bit of R&D with the pens!

  6. This is a wonderful quilt! And the quilting has added a fabulous dimension to it! Good luck in the competition!

  7. I love this finish. Such fun and the quilting makes it even more special!

  8. Beautiful job Michelle, love the quilting especially :-)

  9. Wow! I really love this quilt!

  10. Michele, I am impressed. You are so productive!
    Beth Spande

  11. FABULOUS finish and I think you set a new land speed record. Gotta go with the inspiration when it hits!

  12. Wow you did all that in three days?!? Amazing! Congrats on the finish! It looks great!

  13. Wow, start to finish in 3 days, amazing. And I can't get over how pretty it is. I ADORE the quilting on this one, going into my notebook for future use :)

  14. I love your recap of this quilt, Michelle! And it is so pretty! Nice finish!

  15. Now that's doing a quilt in a hurry. It is so pretty and colorful and the quilting just perfect. Whoo Hoo

  16. This is so gorgeous, Michelle!! Love the whole story of how this quilt came to be :)

  17. 3 days?! That's some serious work - I'm impressed! I love the orange peel quilting on this one - just beautiful :)

  18. I love all your work!! I would like to also thank you for sharing the quilting tutoring of the half circles and finishing into circles. I think I can do that as I took the free motion class but I found it to be hard. I sew and craft and next Sat. I'm taking an American quilting class for 5 hours. Come on over to my blog and join me at I also invite your friends as I'm new and would love more friends:)

  19. Wow! Aren't you clever - and super-speedy!