Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love Quilt

 Have you ever not loved your binding choice,
so much so that you had to cut it off and start over?
I did that last week!
I just couldn't stand the brown/multi dot binding
on this quilt --
I thought it would be just perfect,
but when it was finished, I really didn't like it!
 Much better with a pink solid binding, don't you think?
Scrappy solids might also have been nice,
but I didn't have the patience for that last week.
 I know several lovely ladies who are expecting babies
within the next 6 months, how fun!
So this quilt will be for whichever one has the first girl!
The "love" is paper pieced (pattern from Kelly), 
with bright scraps of Kona solids.
I was inspired by this gorgeous quilt on Flickr, 
and just had to make one!
For the backing I used pink minky dots,
super soft and cuddly.
Love it!

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  1. It looks great! Good for you for re-doing something that you weren't happy with. I'd probably just live with it!!

  2. Ohh!!! it's darling cute Michelle!!! I just love it and the backing!! so snuggly!! I'm sure it'll be loved!!
    Have a great week!

  3. I LOVE your quilt, and I think the pink binding was a great choice!

  4. What a sweet quilt! I can't believe you cut off the binding, but the pink is perfect!

  5. Very cute. The brown didn't offend me, but it looks great with the pink :o)

  6. Your quilt is beautiful and the pink binding looks great! Annoying to have to re-do though.

  7. What an adorable quilt. And nope, I've never sewn on binding and then taken it off. Yikes, that must not have been fun. But hey, the pink does look way better.

  8. That's happened to me before. The binding is so important. Kudos to you for trusting your gut and going with the pink. It looks fabulous!

  9. Adorable! Love your second binding choice! Thanks for linking up to {sew} modern monday!

  10. looks so cute! thanks for linking my"Love Quilt" :o)

  11. So cute! Such a great little baby quilt, love the final binding choice :-)

  12. Very sweet! I didn't mind the 1st binding, but the pink looks really nice!

  13. So sweet! I love how you put this together, absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing!