Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Works in Progress, 1.4.12

I am so tired of sewing with Christmas fabrics. 
So much so, that I think I went a little overboard
in terms of starting new projects this week.

This is what my sewing desk looks like:
(fabrics in process of becoming a Juice Boxes quilt)

This is how the floor looks:

(random assortment, using up scraps)
I plan to keep sashing these, log cabin style,
until they're big enough to make into a baby quilt.

And this is the hallway to our bedroom:
The girls wanted to have a New Year's art show--
they were starting to tape pictures all over the kitchen,
but I suggested that we move to the hallway--
more like a gallery, don't you think?
They were thrilled when I added 2 quilt blocks to the art show/contest.
They are hilarious judges --
 there were many winners in this art show, complete with hugs as prizes.

What do you think of this block?

I've been playing around with scraps, trying to get ideas for a block for the 4X5 bee (blocks are due soon!), and ideas for scrappy blocks.  One of my goals for 2012 is to use my current fabrics, scraps and all, before buying anything new (except for solids, of course, and maybe some Flea Market Fancy when it is re-released).

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  1. That is an awesome block!!!! I love the color!!!!! I will be second in line behind you to buy some fmf ;o)

  2. I love that block, Michelle! Fun, clean and crisp. That art gallery is adorable too! We have a permanent art gallery/repository in one of our hallways. I used some of those steel (?) IKea curtain string rods, with clips to hang their art. Happy New Year!

  3. Love the way you positioned the asterisks! The prints in your baby quilt are ADORABLE.

  4. Wonderful block, but those log cabin style blocks? to die for!!! Wish I had scraps half as neat!

  5. oh I love your potential 4x5 block!! Thanks for reminding me about asterisk blocks - love them!

  6. love that scrappy asterisk block! And those scrappy car log cabins? Adorable!

  7. I love the idea of hugs as prizes!!

  8. OOOOOh, love that block! It reminds me of a Union Flag - love it!

  9. The art show is cracking me up! You have some great projects going on, and I love your trial block for the 4x5 bee!

  10. I LOVE the block! It's fabulous. And I see that you were a part of the art gallery as well. :)

  11. I love your wall. Cute blocks on the floor and for the last block, that is quite intruiging! Is that how you spell it? Anyway, is that a paper pieced block? I'm up for anything that is not paper pieced. I saw this at WIP.


  12. I absolutely heart your 4x5 block!! So fabulous! And the art show is such an adorable idea :)

  13. LOOOOOOVE that block!! It's yummy, wonderful things like that which have made me want to learn to quilt in the first place.

  14. Love your variety of blocks there, that last one would be a fab bee block :o)

  15. I LOVE that block!!! Awesome! And your girls are too cute! Great art show!

  16. Your block is amazing! And that art wall is perfect!

  17. I love that block. For some reason it really appeals to me, I think it is the simplicity it reflects and the colours it has in it. I would love to see a quilt made in this design.

  18. What a great fabric goal, such self control! All of your blocks look great, and I must say your photos look so darn vibrant!!!!

  19. Very nice block! It is great when you can make blocks that use up those scraps.
    That fabric for the baby quilt is too cute! What collection is that from?
    Good luck with your fabric goal! I look forward to seeing what you create from your stash.

  20. A family art show - what fun! And the hallway is the perfect gallery!

  21. The last comment has me laughing. If you succeed in using your current stash before buying new (except for solids, etc), you HAVE to let us know! I think you will definitely be the first with that kind of self discipline.

    Love the art gallery!