Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday

I finished my biggest, most challenging work in progress this week --
organizing and cleaning my sewing space!
What a project!
Things really got out of control when I went digging through all my scraps to organize colors for the Bottled Rainbows Quilt Along.  But it was probably in need of cleaning even before that.  It's a small space, which functions as my sewing room, our office, and guest bedroom.  It has been (but will no longer be!) a dumping ground for everything that doesn't have it's own space. 

Organizing this bookshelf took awhile!
But I love how it looks, how everything is in sight and easy to find.
(I moved the books that used to live here to the living room a few years ago.)

In this corner I added some hooks,
and stashed small things on this little antique shelf.
The red color doesn't fit this room well,
so it will likely get a coat of spray paint when the weather warms up.
My embroidery hoops are all from thrift stores and antique sales.
The bags hold knitting projects in various stages of completion.
(The door to the closet will remain closed - it's still a little messy in there!)

I owe a HUGE thank you to Rachel for coming up with this Bottled Rainbows idea.
I love the way the scraps look in my Grandma's old canning jars.
More about the colorful string quilt here.

My sewing table, purchased at an antique sale.  It folds up when we have guests.
For big quilting projects, I move the sewing machine to the dining room table.

The empty space behind the sewing machine
is reserved for my Bottled Rainbows quilt.

 The day bed has a trundle hidden underneath, which is great for guests, but takes up nearly all the floor space when it is pulled out.  The daybed also serves as my design wall, and is a cozy space to curl up and finish binding a quilt while watching movies.

The kitchen counter often becomes a mini ironing/trimming station -
there just isn't room for this in my sewing space!

It feels SO GOOD to have this done!

Now it's back to work on other things, like Lee's Supernova Quilt Along:

and this pillow top for our kitchen bench:

More Bottled Rainbow blocks, ready to go!

and a top secret project that I've been working on -- birthday gifts for my friend's twin girls who are turning five this month.  Other projects have taken a back burner to this one!

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! I love your sewing studio pics, they're just so clean and beautiful! I also just adore that string quilt on your wall. How did you hang it? Your bottled rainbows blocks are looking awesome so far!

  2. Your studio is complete cuteness! And your doing all the things I want to do Supernova, or should be doing Bottled Rainbows. Back to reality for me. Have a fab day!

  3. Okay, I'm on eyeball overload at all the happy, cheery and beautiful pictures! I love the fabrics you've picked out for your Super Nova quilt and am jealous of the sewing studio!

  4. I love to see other people's work spaces. You did a great job organizing and making it look cute! Here's hoping you make a ton of beautiful things there!

  5. very pretty projects on the go there...btw; you wouldn't want to finish organizing and cleaning my sewing room would you?????.lol

  6. Your sewing space looks absolutely wonderful! Isn't it so much more pleasant to work in a nice organized space? (Not that mine is that very often!) The worst is when you're working on something that uses the stash/scraps, like Bottled Rainbows. My space always gets trashed when I do stuff like that.

    Your Supernova blocks are looking awesome! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  7. love the clean sewing area, mine is a little messy since I have several projects going at once.I like your supernova blocks.

  8. OH wow, your space looks fantastic. I love the "bottled rainbows"! I've been trying to decide what to do with my scraps and that is a great idea. (first I need a dedicated sewing space!). Love your supernova too. The colors are so warm. Nice job!

  9. I adore the pillow top - it's beautiful. And your sewing space is so cute!

  10. Your sewing room looks so great! I love your embroidery hooks hanging on the wall! So great!

  11. Looks like I wasn't the only one spring cleaning and tidying the sewing space this week! Your's looks lovely, so fresh and clean. And your day bed is to die for! I've always wanted one of those! Your quilts (both in progress and in your sewing room) all look fantastic! :o)

  12. Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you know I awarded you the stylish blogger award! Thanks for your great blog.

  13. Over at your house, everything's looking so springy fresh and beautiful! Love your wall colors and the fabrics of the quilt behind the sprocket pillow. Very cute. :-)

  14. your sewing room looks great michelle, like it should be highlighted in a magazine -- but i'm glad to hear your closets are best with the doors shut : ) makes me feel better about my spaces that need organizing : )

    LOVE the colors you use, especially your kitchen cushion print.

    and i am SO excited to see what you gals have been up to for ella and zoe!
    will you stay or drop-off? either is fine : )


  15. I am in love with your work space! It's so light and airy and I love how organized everything is! *drooling!*. I need to learn from you about displaying finished projects in my space. Thanks for the inspiration!