Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday

This was a good week for finishing projects.
I finished up birthday gifts for twins Ella and Zoe, which we delivered on Saturday.

Ruby Lou doll pattern is from Sew Much Ado
These rainbow doll quilts were my own creation,
but were inspired by this quilt on flickr.
Cute little pouch to hold the dolls' extra hair bows and skirts.
I also finished up my Supernova Quilt Along quilt top.  I ended up making 3 additional blocks, since I had quite a bit of fabric left over.  I love how it turned out!  Now I just have to decide how to quilt it.  Any ideas?

My Sis Boom Jamie sew along dress is done, too.  I don't have great pictures of me wearing it . . . and actually I think it looks better on the hanger.  My husband thought that the dress looked "very professional, like you bought it at a department store," but also said that it "isn't the most flattering style on you."  Hmmm.  The pattern was really easy and fun, though, so I will likely make a few changes in the sizing, shaping, and skirt fullness, and make another one sometime this summer.  No need for sleeveless dresses quite yet, with snow flying in parts of our state today!

Still working on trees, too.
I made 2 more blocks, and added some borders to the larger tree.
I'm not sure which direction this is headed . . .
but I plan to work on it more next week.

My little artists have been busy, too.
 A suggestion from Holly, "make a quilt like this, Mommy!"
I'm not quite sure how she made this picture on our computer,
but it looks like she's destined to be a modern quilter, doesn't it?!

 A new family picture from Lexi.
I love how she draws our family, especially the cats and Brian's hair!

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  1. Wow, such gorgeous things! I love the rainbow quilt and the rainbow pouch, they look fantastic! The dress is very professional, but you're not the only person that I've come across who's said it's not flattering as the skirt is too full... design flaw?

  2. Your husband is very tactful in the way he talks about your creations - good on him.

    I have already commented on the dolls and quilts but just want to say the pouch is very cute too!

  3. i don't know how you do it michelle! i really love how your quilt turned out -- love the colors and the pattern. and the dress sure looks cute on you (again, great fabric choice!!). i'm always impressed with what you create : )

    as for the little pouch, i thought that was mine : ) ha! the girls LOOOVE their gifts, both sleep with them, make beds during the day and tie ribbons all over their hair : ) ella is really fascinated by how you sewed the face, i told her she could talk with you next time we see you .....

    : ) jeremi

  4. ooops, also wanted to add -- great pic of your family : )

  5. oh my goodness, all so cute!Love those dollies and the rainbow doll quilt. Is that pebbled quilting? I'm in awe!
    I have no idea how to quilt the supernova either. I'm hoping lee will have some ideas. and I love the drawings from your kids - so sweet!

  6. I really like your supernova quilt. I'm seeing a lot of them that are rainbow-like, and I think I prefer the color scheme you chose. I love how each block blends into the next. Great WIPs!

  7. I *heart* your rainbow quilts - just darling. And your Supernova - well, it's just terrific!

  8. You sure have been working on some beautiful creations! I love how you quilted the little doll quilts.♥

  9. Love those dolls!! So cute!

    All of your projects look amazing!! Supernova looks incredible!!

  10. Oh I hate when hubs makes those kind of comments, it is great...but! I think it looked good on you, and on the hanger, and I love the AMH fabric you used! Beautiful. Your SuperNova is fabulous!

  11. Oh my goodness, so much to see! I just love those drawing from your daughter, thank you for sharing that! Your Sis Boom dress looks great, if you ask me, and so does your Supernova top. I adore the dolls and matching blankets you made, they are just darling!!!

  12. Beautiful doll quilts!!! Those are great!

  13. Michelle, wow, what a productive week! Amazing projects too, the little dolls are SO cute and you know I love those quilts. Your Supernova is looking great, is that Amy Butler fabric in it? The dress is looking super too, love your fabric in it!

  14. Nice Work! I love the blue you used in your Supernova border.

  15. Your Supernova top is just gorgeous! And those dolls are so darn cute. : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  16. Those rainbow doll quilts are super cute.

  17. Those dolls are the best! And their own bag for bows, so cute. Your supernova is wonderful! And the striped quilt, wonderful!

  18. wow!! everything looks great!! Your dress came out fantastic, and I am just loving your supernova quilt. So so awesome!!