Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Workshop in Progress

Linking up to Naptime Quilters Workshop in Progress,
as I'm in need of some advice!
First, an update . . .  
Still thinking about how to quilt this one:
I really love it, and don't want to screw it up! 
Most of the double hourglass quilts that I've seen on other blogs or flickr are
free motion quilted in an all over stippling pattern or straight line quilted.
Maybe I'm just procrastinating . . . 
I've been staring at this pile of scraps for awhile,
wishing that it would transform itself into backing for the quilt.
THEN I could start quilting it!

In the meantime, I made this little quilt, and am hand quilting it
(my stitches are probably way too small, but I'm pretty new at this!),
so I can see if I like the look of circles on top of the squares.
What do you think?  

And I've finally cut into my Heather Ross goldfish in bags, but can't decide which combo to go with -- all Amy Butler dots, or a more scrappy look.
Any thoughts?

Option #1

Option #2


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  2. My gut tells me, option 1 for your Heather Ross Goldfish, but depending on how you plan to lay it out, both are fun. I am such a sucker for dots, Love them.

    And I agree with My Sweet Prairie...Circles definitely! Don't Stipple

  3. I like option 2, mix it up a bit. I haven't had the courage to cut into my goldfish bags yet . . . I applaud you! hehehe.

  4. I love the circles, first of all.

    As for the fish, I'd go with option 1. The variety of colors is enough for interest while not detracting from the OMGAdorable-ness of the goldfish, which you want to be the focal point.

  5. I'm putting in a vote for option #1 with the goldfish!

    What about all-over loops for the quilting on the hourglass quilt?

  6. I don't know anything about quilting, but I love the circles you've done.

    As for the goldfish, I'd go for option 1 - those fabrics were made to go together, if you go for option 2, I think the goldfish will be lost.

  7. I adore how the circles look with the hourglass blocks! They're not difficult to FMQ once you're in a groove. OR you could be really brave and hand quilt it. Your stitches aren't too small (no such thing!) - they're perfect!

    I vote option #2 for the goldfish. I like a scrappier look, personally.

  8. Option #1- I love that gold fish in a bag fabric!

  9. Those circles on the hourglass are incredible! That is an adaptable concept on the larger scale for your big quilt.
    And if using those scraps for your back is bogging you down, set them aside for some other project and simply piece your back.
    What are you planning with the goldfish?
    I love the mix of dots, but for me the green dots on orange and the multi on brown/black are too bold, IMHO.

  10. I love the circles contrasting with the triangles, especially with the bold contrast of the thread. I like the first option with the goldfish - I think the uniform scale of the dots makes a better background, if your goal is to highlight the goldfish print. Maybe adding the multi on white that's about the same scale to the mix.