Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday

Yes, that's snow in the background.  We still have lots.
I thought I would take one last picture outside in the snow,
before the rest of it melts.
Even though we're all pretty sick of winter,
I love how photos look with snow in the background, so crisp and white!

I've been working on bottled rainbows all week.
Bottled Rainbows {the button}
I decided to make them a little smaller (these measure 10 3/4 inches square),
because I already had a stack of batting cut into 11 inch squares,
for a project I started several years ago.
(It's amazing what you find when you clean out your sewing space!)
This project is going to be a wall hanging for my sewing space,
so I don't want it to get too big.  

Still working on these rainbow scrap pennant blocks, too.
I haven't made any more, but I did FMQ the white portions in a small meandering design.  These are a bit of work to piece together, but quilting them is fun.
I'll need A LOT more, though -- as this is headed for a quilt for Lexi's bed.
She LOVES rainbows.

My biggest work in progress has been cleaning up and organizing my sewing space.  Here's a sneak peak of some progress:

I had this crazy idea that in order to completely organize everything,
I needed more pincushions.
It would be IMPOSSIBLE to organize my pins without new pincushions, right?!

These are Heather Bailey's Square Deal pincushions, free pattern found here.

Making these was a bit frustrating.
The button drove me nuts -- I used a "no tools" kit for this, which made me see very clearly that I do need a button making tool -- I'm assuming these exist?!
And trying to pull ribbon through the center of the pincushion was a crazy idea,
even with a pliers and "some patient wiggling" as the pattern suggests.
But anyway, I'm happy to have them done,
and I think they look pretty cute on the shelf.
Hopefully I'll finish up the re-organization tomorrow!

 I've made very little progress this week on my double hourglass (hand quilting)
or the paper pieced goldfish in bags.
But once I get the sewing space done, it's back to work on these WIPs!

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  1. i love the colors with the snow --- we love rainbows over here too : ) did the girls get their invite?

  2. Cool pincushions! And I think it's totally creative that you went ahead and changed those Bottled Rainbows blocks up a bit...really beautiful!

  3. I'm organising my sewing space too! The bottled rainbow blocks look great, I might have to make this one day when I've got enough scraps!

  4. Love those pincushions, so cute! Really, there's still snow? Wow. Your rainbow blocks look great, and so do your pennant blocks! :)

  5. Love your bright colourful blocks. Definitely happy.

  6. everything is looking wonderful...love your penant blocks...and the organizing....very nice.
    the pails look too cute...

  7. I'm really loving all the Bottled Rainbow blocks I've been seeing around lately & your's are no exception! And those rainbow pennants are just adorable!

  8. I LOVE the penants!!! SO cute! I may totally steal that idea... ;)

    LOVE the smaller Bottled Rainbows! They are beautiful!!

  9. What precious pin cushions! And your Bottled Rainbow blocks are lovely!

  10. Love your pincushions! Must try that pattern, they look so nice. I'm thinking of doing a smaller version of the bottled rainbows or doing the blocks as single mug rugs, I'll be watching how you get on!

  11. I am loving the bottled rainbows quilts popping up! They just look so fresh fun and vibrant. My sewing room needs a good overhaul...and that would be something I would do also, never can have enough pin cushions!! yours are adorable by the way :)

  12. I love the stack of fabrics under the pincushions and the pincushions are so sweet, even if they did give you trouble.

  13. I really like everything in the post! So pretty!

  14. Still loving your pennant blocks!

  15. Your rainbow blocks look great! Love that they are square, and the penants are super cute.

  16. I just love those pennant blocks. Too cute. The bottled rainbow blocks are coming along too. Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week!